Producer of high quality e‐liquids with natural and artificial aromas and manufactured in France, VDLV is equipped with a laboratory combining safety and productivity. Rigorous analyses on raw materials and finished products are made by internal laboratory.


Production worshops

The VDLV production workshops are spread into several activity sectors: A production laboratory for the development of aromas and nicotine bases, a production laboratory for B to C custom‐made manufacturing, 3 grey conditioning rooms (from 1000 to 1500 flasks/hour and per production
line), a state of the art labeling and graphic publishing room, two conditioning and order picking rooms.

All the VDLV activities are governed by a code of ethics established by the quality department.


Since August 2012, VDLV has been concentrating itself on the development of high quality e‐liquids with aromas for vape. After 28 months of research & development, VDLV became a key player in the distribution of e‐liquids in France.



Early in 2011, Vincent CUISSET, a research engineer in a Bordeaux laboratory, was amazed to discover how electronic cigarettes worked. He was excited and immediately realized the great drawing power of this original alternative to classic cigarettes.

His initial curiosity quickly developed into fascinated research into the system and how it worked.

He realized that many improvements and innovations could be introduced into this booming market, particularly in terms of the composition and quality of e-liquids.


In 2017, we are celebrating our 5th anniversary !

VDLV has become a key player in the e‐liquids distribution in France and in Europe. Located in a 1200m² office near Bordeaux in France, VDLV today employs more than 80 people. Well implemented on the French market, VDLV is now focused on gradually expanding its market share into foreign markets (European Union, North Africa, Russia, USA, Japan).

For 5 years, VDLV has devoted itself passionately to creating and producing e-liquids for electronic cigarettes. From product design to sales, VDLV applies precise safety rules to provide optimal protection for consumers: quality raw materials, traceability, metrology, strict monitoring, chemical andmicrobiological analyses.

In 2016, VDLV was the 1st French manufacturer to obtain the AFNOR XP D90-300-2 e-liquid certification. In 2017, it’s still the one.



Availing of the network of Bordeaux university laboratories, he commenced a long research and development phase that lasted a year and a half.

The VDLV company was registered in April 2012.  The registered office was initially established at the European Institute for Chemistry and Biology at Pessac, in premises that belonged to the University of Bordeaux I.

This conjunction produced a durable partnership, based on a service provision contract for the analysis of nicotine bases, aromatic compounds and finished products. This led to the birth of the VDLV company and its first e-liquid brand: VINCENT DANS LES VAPES.

To complete its commercial offer and satisfy clients that are ever more demanding in terms of a powerful taste and aromatic complexity, VDLV commercialised a completely new brand in December 2014: CirKus. Unlike Vincent dans les Vapes, CirKus e-liquids are based on natural and artificial food flavours. The same high standards are applied in the composition of its e-liquids as in the historic brand. CirKus e-liquids have more complex and more intense flavours but are produced with a constant eye to traceability and optimal safety.


The long‐lasting development of the company is assured by its various activity sectors :

– The sales and marketing department,

– The production (B to B and B to C),

‐ The quality and analysis department,

‐ The logistics and the after‐sales department,

– The R&D department,

‐ The research and development department.

VDLV is an official member of the Collective Actors of the Electronic Cigarette (FIVAPE)