Complying with the needs of our resellers and customers, VDLV offers a full range of 9750 choices with two brands : Vincent dans les Vapes (natural aroma) and CIRKUS (natural and artificial aromas). Innovation goes along with our production requirements and we know perfectly well how to adapt our industrial facilities to the deisired needs of our customers types of order.


Automatic and semi‐automatic conditioning

To meet the requirements from the wide variety of client request, the company is organized into several types of manufacturing labs with a capacity to produce up to 750.000 bottles per month.

‐ The semi‐automatic conditioning units allow a large flexibility. Needless to say that VDLV’s staff is perfectly qualified ahearing to the environment with highest level of rules on Health and Safety.

‐ At the end of 2013, VDLV invested in the acquisition of an automatic line conditioning engine capable of treating a greater volume. This engine was
specially designed to integrate all the specificities required for the production of pharmaceutical e‐liquids.


Toll Manufacturing

With Vincent dans les Vapes, VDLV is one of the few e‐liquids producers allowing each consumer to choose its nicotine rate (from 0 to 9 mg/ml). This customized service is provided by having the ability to manufacture small quantities of product.

Meanwhile, VDLV is able to supply its distributors with the 3 major nicotine rates considered as market standards. Each month, VDLV produces up to 500.000 bottles of e‐liquids.


VDLV manages its production through a quality framework based on the ISO 22.000 standards, focusing on the safety and respect of the product required at each key stage of the e‐liquid manufacturing



VDLV prides itself on its propriorty production work flow that allows for the complete traceability of its e‐liquids.

Each e‐liquid flask is assigned a unique batch number which allows trackability of the quality of our products, starting at the begining of our production process through to the finished product. It captures the following information:

– Name of the supplier, number of batch and analysis certificates of the raw materials used,
– Manufacture date and analysis certificates of nicotine bases,
– Manufacture and conditioning date of the e‐liquid,
– The names of each operator at each stage of processing to ensure complete tracking through every step of production.



 E‐liquids products are currently classified as ordinary consumer goods for adult use in France, that’s why VDLV took the additional steps required for ensure trackability through the specific safety rules in order to protect its consumers.

The requirements

– The VDLV laboratory is engineered to carry out HPLC chromatography analysis on its nicotine bases from their production, by comparing results with those supplied by an accredited laboratory.

– Regular monitoring of nicotine levels in our e-liquids.

Regular chemical analyses of e‐liquid samples by NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) and chromatography HPLC. The nicotine rate mentioned on the flask is determined with a relative certainty of less than 1mg/ml of difference.

Regular microbiological analyses of e‐liquid samples by an accredited laboratory (COFRAC accreditation No. 1-0797) : Micro-organisms at 30°C – Presumed enterobacteria – Coagulase positive staphylococci, yeasts and moulds – E. coli – Salmonella.