Liquid Nicotine made in France

VDLV has always been particularly attentive to the quality of raw materials. Nicotine is, of course, an important component.

It has been proven that nicotine from burning cigarettes is the main factor of smokers’ addiction. However, contrary to preconceived ideas, it is not harmful in this raw form, unlike tars and additives used by tobacco manufacturers.

Nicotine is an alkaloid, rapidly eliminated by the body and non-carcinogenic, which acts as a stimulant at low doses but is toxic at high concentrations, and may be addictive in case of regular consumption. The presence of nicotine in an e-liquid provides the «throat hit» (contraction of the larynx as the smoke or vapour passes through) that smokers look for. With an e-cigarette, vapers can vary the nicotine content to suit their needs and may choose to reduce levels gradually and eventually stop it. Nicotine is extracted from tobacco leaves to obtain a pure liquid form.

While several European firms import and/or purify nicotine, until now, only three countries worldwide had facilities for extracting and producing liquid nicotine from tobacco leaves: China, India and very recently the United States. At the moment, the Chinese and Indian production is mainly reserved for insecticides and contains high concentrations of impurities (nitrosamines, nicotine oxides, etc.).

In view of this situation, in order to enhance the quality and traceability of their products, VDLV decided to produce «vaping-grade» liquid nicotine, reserved for use in e-cigarettes, applying green chemistry processes with appropriate solvents, to eliminate impurities and obtain a higher-quality product.

This facility will manufacture several types of products:

  • pure, French, vaping-grade nicotine,
  • non-aromatized nicotine bases for the preparation of e-liquids, consisting of mixtures containing varying proportions of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).

In 2017, all VDLV e-liquids containing nicotine will be based on this new technology. VDLV has now become the leading French manufacturer of vaping-grade liquid nicotine, with the aim of obtaining greater control over production and improving consumer safety.

Thanks to this innovation, VDLV, the leader in vapological excellence, will also become a full integrator of vaping products and a privileged partner in France, as well as on export markets.

VDLV it’s two brands

for two differents vape concept

Vincent dans les Vapes

The Natural Expression of Flavours

What makes Vincent dans les Vapes special is the fact that it uses exclusively natural aromas for its e-liquids in order to subtly render the authentic expression of these flavours.

With more than 50 naturals flavours, Vincent dans les Vapes as a pioneering e-liquid french brand.

Vincent dans les Vapes has its own online boutique: and is currently distributed in 800 French points of sale.


A journey to encounter the circuses of the Belle-Époque:
a fantastical universe, authentic and amazing

Unlike Vincent dans les Vapes, CirKus e-liquids are based on natural and artificial food aromas. The same high standards are applied in the composition of its e-liquids as in the historic brand. CirKus e-liquids have more complex and more intense flavours but are produced with a constant eye to traceability and optimal safety

CirKus has its own Internet site where it presents its flavours


Besides the quality, it is essential that VDLV develops a range of innovative and creative e-liquids with original flavors, allowing discovering a new sensory and gustative universe in the best possible conditions.



In a changing market and in front of consumers ceaselessly more demanding, it is essential to create something new. For the last 5 years VDLV has continued to innovate and has equipped a research and development department focussing on the creation of new flavours, but also to study the vapes of tomorrow.
Today VDLV represents a catalogue of 9750 references (excluding equipment), two commercial brands: Vincent dans les Vapes and CirKus with many new flavours being developed.

It’s a first in France: VDLV’s e-liquids are certified

Thanks to its long experience in traceability, the AFNOR Certification highlights all the work done by VDLV since its inception.

Last 9th September, VDLV officially received the E-liquid certification from the French standards body AFNOR Certification. For the very first time, e-liquids for electronic cigarettes provide clear quality, safety and consumer information requirements.
This is a key date for the company but also for the vaping industry. The AFNOR Certification means that the e-liquids have been tested by an independent body, according to public criterias and following the aim of a voluntary standard: the XP D90-300 Part 2.
Since its beginnings in 2012, VDLV Company has been committed to providing the best quality and safety e-liquids, all of them manufactured in its laboratory in Bordeaux city. Nowadays, VDLV goes one step further introducing his self-made vaping-grade liquid nicotine. For this reason, the whole VDLV team is very proud to achieve the AFNOR Certification. Upon the initiative of the FIVAPE, the INC and vapers, this vote of confidence is the result of 2 years of hard work and engagement in terms of standardization, today pursued internationally.

AFNOR Certification provides several safeguards, including:
>> A careful selection of raw materials (PG, VG and nicotine USP/EP grade).
>> The restriction of substances considered as hazardous, such as heavy metals, sugars, sweeteners, vegetable and mineral oils, vitamins, minerals, stimulant additives, formaldehyde-releasing agents,CMR substances (carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic) and STOT (specific target organ toxicity, respiratory system Class 1)…
>> Control of the maximum concentration in each e-liquids of the following substances (maximum limits are set): diacetyl, acrolein, acetaldehyde and formaldehyde.
>> A complete customer service and assistance via internet and telephone.