VDLV is positioned as the ideal partner to drive the dynamics of e‐liquids and specifically those from food-quality natural and
artificial aromas produced exclusively in France. We strive to serve those who partner with us and our work flow process focuses on great attention to every detail and supply the highest level of support in order to consolidate a long term relationship with our customers.


Much more than partners…

The development of our concept and our ethics are integrated in our philosophy.
We are proud to collaborate with astonishing distributors strengthening the assets of the vapology. E‐cigs shops are the banner‐bearers of electronic cigarette, thereby VDLV is sharing the adventure with:

> Cigusto, Bocalinda, Ozone, No Smoking, Clopinnov, Ivapote, Taklope, Vapoclope, Koolsh, La nouvelle clope, Vapstor, E-fumeur, Microvape, A toute Vapeur, Capitaine Smoke, Délismoke, Happesmoke, Pause Clope, Sweet & Vapes, E-Cig and Zen, Calumette, Vapote-moi, Vaporetta, Le Kalumet, Le petit Vapoteur, Sweetch

And many more…


Conquering new markets: Vapology Story

Last September 3rd 2015, VDLV’s American dream came true. In association with Mr. Jean-Christophe Le Feuvre (co-founder), VDLV opened its first flagship store in the Unites States, named “Vapology Story”. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, on Wilshire Boulevard – Beverly Hills – , this first store reflects the determination of VDLV to invest massively in new markets and in particular in the American one.


With Vapology Story, VDLV adapts its strategy by offering a higher Vegetable Glycerin ratio than the standard one on the French market. Moreover, VDLV brings to America its own vision of vaping: an expression of natural flavorings and new sensory horizons, associated with the know-how and a recognized expertise.
VDLV launched in the US 70 juices under the brands “Vincent dans les Vapes” and “Vapology Story”. This last one was entirely created and manufactured in VDLV’s laboratory, always following the highest quality standards. All these juices can be tasted in our shops by using the Juke-Vapes: a practical and funny patented device to taste e-liquids flavours without mouth contact with the clearomizer. To conquer the American market, Vapology Story offers through its e-shop a large range of devices and also its big variety of juices, providing a shipping service across the US area.

All information is available on the Vapology Story website: www.vapology-story.com


VDLV E‐liquids provide best opportunity for a partnership between stakeholders who are focused on bringing pleasure, quality and safety to the consumers.

Raw materials and analyses

VDLV suppliers provide the company with controlled raw materials including propylene glycol, EP quality vegetable glycerin (European Pharmacopeia), as well
as food-quality natural and artificial aromas exclusively produced in France. They meet or exceed the current European standards to guarentee the finest manufacturing process in the industry.

Our liquid nicotine is produced in India and has all required certificates. The results stating in terms of purity and concentration are compared and then
validated by in‐house analyses and in partnership with university laboratories.



Worried about creating a reliable industry towards the final consumer and seeking to strengthen the weight of the e‐cigarette and vapology sectors, VDLV invests through two organisations.



Anxious to create a genuinely responsible sector with regard to end consumers and to complement the training provided internally for its employees, in June 2013 VDLV and one of its sales partners created FORVAPE which became the first Training Centre for Electronic Cigarette and Vapology Skills ((a discipline devoted to
studying and learning more about e-liquids).

In 2014, Forvape offered two training programmes :
• A professionalization contract for business leaders wishing to recruit future
Electronic Cigarette sales-consultants,
• Ongoing training (short modules lasting a few days) targeting the «heart of the trade», specially designed to develop the skills of professionals already working in the sector.

In 2015 Forvape joins the FIVAPE.
VDLV participated in a module devoted to e-liquids, market analysis and regulations.


To assert the rights of the profession but also to push the legislation to develop toward a true recognition of e-liquid manufacturers and distributors in France, VDLV is part of the Inter-professional Federation of the VAPE (FIVAPE). Moreover, Charly PAIRAUD, Deputy Director of VDLV, is the secretary general of the manufacturers in the federation, for France but also internationally.

With ongoing debates in the European Union and France concerning the supervision of electronic cigarettes and vape products, the FIVAPE proposes to contribute to elaborating regulations that take the reality of the sector and its issues into account, for the benefit of distribution players and, by extension, consumers. It also asserts the fact that vape products are neither a tobacco product or a medicine. The FIVAPE also tries to combat the disinformation in certain media concerning the potential risks linked to the use of electronic cigarettes.